Facility Rental

Host Your Event at the Demuth Museum

We welcome you and your event to the properties of The Demuth Museum.

Events held at The Demuth Museum:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Lunches
  • Lectures
  • Office Parties

The Properties:

Situated between the home of world-renowned Modernist artist Charles Demuth and the historic 18th century Demuth Tobacco Shop is the Demuth Museum's companion space at 116 East King Street. This elegant townhouse is one of the oldest of its kind in Lancaster and is available for rental for your special event.

Locations for Your Event:

The home's three floors provide ample space for a variety of functions (accommodating up to 175 people), while individual rooms are ideal for more intimate celebrations or business gatherings. Just outside is the Demuth Garden, a long-celebrated gem in the heart of the city; this outdoor space may be included in your rental.


The first floor features a Reception area and permanent collection gallery, which can be transformed into a cocktail area or space for sit-down dining. The second floor features a large room with views of both the city and the gardens, and is ideal for a variety of larger gatherings. A smaller adjoining room functions well as a reception space, cocktail room or staging area, and on its own is well suited for smaller business meetings. The third floor formerly functioned as the ballroom; this unique space features a vaulted ceiling and recessed window seats. It is a lovely setting for an intimate occasion, or specialty area as part of your larger event in the rest of the home.

Rental Costs:

Events held at the Demuth properties require a Demuth Museum Supporting Membership in the amount of $250, along with a one-time rental fee. Catering services are not provided - all food and beverage needs, along with special decorations and rentals must be arranged with outside companies or provided for by the renter. We would be happy to offer suggestions for excellent Lancaster businesses offering such services.

To request a date for your wedding or special event, or if you would like to arrange for a time to visit the garden and townhouse and discuss the possibility of having your event here, please phone or email the Demuth Museum at 717-299-9940 or generalmuseummanager@gmail.com.

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