Past Exhibitions: 2006

Annual Art in a Box Exhibition

December 3 - 31, 2006

This exhibit featured student works from schools participating in the Demuth's education program, titled Art in a Box. This program provides teachers with free teaching resources that are based on themes found in the art works of Charles Demuth. The students work showed the students' understanding of Demuth's pioneering artwork and how Demuth's life and work are interpreted by the aspiring artists.

25 Years of the Demuth: Homage and Hurrah!

September 15 - November 30, 2006

Comprised of over 40 original Demuth works, the exhibition featured loaned pieces from museums and private collections returning to Lancaster for the first time since the 1950's. The exhibition surveyed the major themes in Charles Demuth's work and traced the artist's development, beginning with his childhood sketchbooks and his work at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, through his depiction of nightclub and vaudeville scenes, to time spent in New York and painting the flowers and vegetables in his mother's garden.

The Work of A.E. Gallatin

July 7 - September 5, 2006

A. E. Gallatin was an artist and passionate collector of the art of his contemporaries, both in Europe and in the United States. He promoted modern art through his critical writings and art publications, as well as through his Gallery of Living Art. On view in The Work of A. E. Gallatin were Demuth's personal copies of the publications American Watercolorists, inscribed to the artist by Gallatin, and Charles Demuth, both of which are now part of the Demuth Museum's archive. Also on display were twenty-four study photographs from the museum's collection that correspond to the Demuth works illustrated in Gallatin's book Charles Demuth. These prints were considered in relation to both Gallatin's collection and publications, and in terms of the history of how study prints such as these have contributed to the artistic dialogue between artists, collectors and curators.

Demuth's Legacy: Painting and Photography

April 7 - June 30, 2006

The exhibition explored the influence of Charles Demuth's modernist painting on subsequent generations of artists. A selection of 1960's Pop Art paintings culled from local collections were considered in relation to Demuth's series of "poster portraits" painted in the 1920's, while the work of contemporary photographer Ralph Lieberman pays homage to Demuth's Precisionist architectural works.

The Paris Experience: Franklin and Demuth

February 3 - March 31, 2006

The Demuth Museum kicked off its 2006 season with its Invitational Exhibition complementing the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's one hundredth birthday here in Lancaster. The exhibit drew strong and intriguing ties between Philadelphia/Lancaster and American icon Benjamin Franklin and Lancaster's own world-renowned artist Charles Demuth.

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