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Demuth on the Mad Cape - Cape Cod

June 27 - August 30, 2015

This exhibition explores artwork created by Charles Demuth during his summer stays in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Scenes of the bay, the beach and sailboats, as well as the architecture of houses, rooftops and local landmarks inspired Demuth's masterful watercolors of this artist colony.

Market Daze: Central Market in the '70s

September 5 - 27, 2015

The Demuth Museum is pleased to present Gail Gray's pencil drawings of people in Lancaster's Central Market in the early seventies. This group of drawings captures a wonderful moment of time in this beloved city icon. A bustling hub of downtown activity continues to this day to thrive as a lively farmer's market. While stand holders change and the type of food and goods offered evolve over time, there are still many of the same stands and stand holders in 2015 as there were forty years ago.

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