Warren Rohrer: Painter of the Fields

This catalog, accompanying the exhibition Warren Rohrer: Painter of the Fields being held at the Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA, offers an overview of Warren Rohrer's work. Authored by Anne M. Lampe, Executive Director and Chief Curator, the catalog examines the various stages of Rohrer's career; including works from his early days of drawing to his fully realized abstract artistic language based on the fields of Lancaster County where he lived. Rohrer had a distinctive relationship with land, especially that of the fields Pennsylvania. His paintings and drawings capture the fields of Lancaster County and their seasonal changes. He did however, travel beyond his home county to Europe where he was inspired by the Mediterranean landscape of Corfu and engaged with Minimalism in the contemporary art world before receding home to integrate these experiences along with what he knew best: the farm fields of Lancaster County. Beyond being one of the premier twentieth century abstract painters working in Philadelphia, he also went on to teach painting at the University of Arts, and had his first major museum exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This overview of his life and work is from a uniquely Lancaster perspective and explores the deeply inherent connection of his love of the land in the county and his development into his own unique abstract language for which he is best known.

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