Past Exhibitions: 2011

10th Annual Art in a Box Exhibition

On View: December 4 - December 30, 2011

This annual exhibit features student artworks from schools participating in the Demuth's education program, Art in a Box, which teaches these aspiring artists about Demuth's pioneering artwork and life in Lancaster.

Over 70 area students will display their Demuth-inspired artworks in the Art in a Box exhibition, including kindergarten through high school participants. School districts contributing to this year's exhibition include Buchanan Elementary School, East York Elementary, Landisville Primary Center, Reynolds Elementary School and Solanco High School.

Chasing Inspiration: The Art of the Newswangers

On View: September 2 - November 27, 2011

Featuring the work of Lancaster County artists Kiehl and Christian Newswanger, this exhibition emphasizes the artistic training each received and how their travels influenced their shared artistic output. This exhibit highlights the works completed by each individual artist as well as their artistically shared works. Primarily focused on the Amish, the exhibit also features works from their circus period.

Images: Kiehl and Christian Newswanger, Portrait of a Clown, c. 1952, Private Collection; Kiehl Newswanger, Woman on a Horse, c. 1965, Private Collection; Kiehl Newswanger, Portrait of a Woman, 1925, Private Collection.

Catalogs of this exhibition are available here!

Demuth in the City of Lights

On View: July 8 - August 28, 2011

This exhibition focuses on Charles Demuth's (1883-1935) three sojourns in Paris and features works by Demuth drawn from the Demuth Museum's permanent collection as well as private collections. Demuth's time spent in Paris was crucial to his development of a mature artistic style and helped him form a wholly American art form later known as Precisionism. This unique exhibit will investigate how Demuth's artistic and social experiences in Paris contributed to his artistic development. Demuth, like other American artists and writers of his time, felt the urge to take part in the cultural revolution occurring in Paris and this exhibit will allow visitors to understand how Demuth experienced the City of Lights a century ago.

vroom: the artwork of barry root

On View: April 2 - June 26, 2011

This exhibition features the work of renowned illustrator Barry Root, who makes his home in Lancaster county. Works on view span Root's career, from his early days of magazine illustration to his most current illustrations for children's books.

Line, Color, and Light: A Barnes Education

The Annual Invitational Exhibition
On view: March 5-27, 2011

This year's Invitational features the work of thirty-eight local artists who have created works based on the theme of the writings of Dr. Albert C. Barnes. In his first book, The Art in Painting, published two months prior to the opening of his Foundation, Dr. Barnes published a guide to looking at art for students. His writings focus on the opportunity for firsthand encounter with the work of art that affords the student, and in particular young painters, a way to develop their own judgments on art. Barnes based this methodology on how the structural elements in a painting are related. Therefore the process that the artist utilizes to combine line, color and light is privileged over the subject matter in the analyses of the quality of a painting.

Jack Bingham, Green Acre Road Sunset, 2011, oil on canvas
Dorothy Frey, Ax Revolution, 2011, oil on canvas
Brant Schuller, Traced Exterior: View of Trinity Lutheran from Demuth's Window PM I-9, 2010, hand painted screen print

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